Auto Repair


The car windshield plays a key role in your vehicle. It not only protects you when you are on the move and allows you to clearly see everything in front of the car, such as the road, signs and other vehicles. It is also able to withstand strong structural stresses. The passenger airbag also uses the windshield as a support if it is opened. That’s why having the windshield of the car in perfect condition is fundamental for your safety and that of those who accompany you.

Throughout the life of the car will happen unforeseen and the glass can suffer damage or a break at any time, but a good maintenance will help you make the most of its benefits and keep it for many years. Follow these tips recommended by Ace Auto Glass so you do not have to change the windshield ahead of time.

Replace brushes every 12 months

Brushes in poor condition can leave scratches on the windshield. The fatigue behind the wheel would increase and the visibility of the driver would be compromised, which would go against the basic rules of road safety. A good reference to replace this device that integrate all cars are 12 months, although in some cases, as in vehicles that are used little, that time can be up to 24 months . Keep in mind that there are many factors that deteriorate them, such as extreme heat and cold, frost or dust. The prices of brushes vary a lot depending on the brand you choose, although it is an investment that, without a doubt, is worth it.

Discover how to treat the windshield when it freezes

If you are one of those who take care of your car you will know that in winter, if it has frozen, the glass can be totally affected by the low temperature. You should never defrost the windshield by pouring hot water over it. That way it could crack. Use the air conditioning system of your car and wait a few minutes until, little by little, the glass is taking temperature. Make sure that the air jet does not go directly to the glass, but instead warms the interior and reaches the windshield indirectly. Ideally, the crystal would thaw progressively. To remove the ice do not use objects that can damage the glass, such as credit cards or others. Also do not use salt or other aggressive products.

The windshield wiper is your best ally

Clean the windshield before it is very dirty, because it will cost less and you will get better results. In addition to removing the dirt thoroughly, when you do general car wash remember to fill the wiper fluid every so often (some models detect the low level and communicate it to the driver in the control panel). A good idea is to use the cleaning brush that is usually in service stations when filling the fuel tank. This removes most of the dirt.

Fix the impacts on the windshield before it’s too late

What may seem like a small and harmless impact on the car’s windshield can become a bigger problem if the breakage becomes an irreparable crack, which would directly affect visibility and, therefore, your safety.