5 Benefits of Buying Used Trucks in St. John’s


Buying a used truck might not have been your first choice, but because of money and several other reasons, it might make sense to you now. Pre-owned vehicles have a bad reputation for the number of spoiled ones that were sold in the past, but things have changed and many people are choosing them over new vehicles. People now know better and are opting to purchase used trucks from reliable car dealerships. Here are 5 benefits that you will enjoy from buying pre-owned trucks in St. John’s.


Price is the most obvious advantage of buying used trucks. New truck prices vary, but some go as high as $40,000 or more, depending on the manufacturer and the options you choose. Some car dealerships might even have additional charges outside of title, tax and license, but even with these extra costs, pre-owned trucks are still cheaper. If you cannot afford a new truck, do not worry. Pre-owned trucks in St. John’s are a good choice provided you get a good deal.

Reducing Insurance Costs

Another benefit you get from buying pre-owned trucks is reduced insurance premiums. The value of the vehicle is one primary factor that insurance companies consider when determining your premium. Pre-owned trucks are less valuable compared to new ones, so insurance costs are lower.


New vehicles depreciate the minute you take them off the yard, and some lose up to 40 percent within their first year. That reduces your car or truck‚Äôs value, which makes it difficult to recover the whole value in case of an accident. Pre-owned trucks in St. John’s do not lose value when you leave the yard. Their value will remain the same until time or wear and tear causes them to depreciate. If you keep your used truck well maintained, you could sell it at the same price you bought it, even after a few years.


Another benefit of buying used trucks is that you get a wide variety to choose from. If you are working with a limited budget, you might not have many choices when it comes to new trucks. However, you can choose from the many pre-owned trucks available with the same amount of money. You can find a used truck that is quite old and fix it up with a small amount of money to make it the truck you want. Also, you get to choose from some known truck brands that you cannot afford when they’re new. With a good car dealership, your options are endless when it comes to pre-owned trucks.

Background Check

With the advancement of technology, it has become easier to determine the value, as well as history of used vehicles, reducing the chances of buying a lemon. In the past, the best way to evaluate a used vehicle was to take it to a mechanic. Today, the Internet allows buyers to get the history of a vehicle and you can find the estimated value, as well.

You can find good used trucks deals from most car dealerships, and if you are diligent about your choice, you can get a used truck that will serve you for years to come.