Buying a Car – New or Old is the Question


Everyone dreams of flashy cars that would stop the traffic. Everyone wants to drive cars that would turn heads and would make people notice the flash that zooms by. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to buy the German sports cars which can be branded as the 10 second car. The car buying decision is not easy to make either. There are too many brands, too many types and too many companies. Which one would you go for? Or, rather which one should you go for? Think about it when you are about to buy a car. There is another problem which might trouble you. What car to buy, old or new? This is one question which troubles all the car buyers says Jeffrey W. Lupient , a car dealer who has helped numerous people buy the right car.

Jeff says be it new or old, both the options come with many advantages. There are also disadvantages to consider which you need to keep in mind. It is better to get in touch with a consultant who knows about cars in-depth. Someone who has experience would be able to help you make the right decision. This is because without experience you might end up buying the wrong car.

New Cars

Well, does not matter what you think, this is the better choice always. This is also the safer choice. The new car has not been in the street ever. This has not been through abuse or accident either. This is the reason, when you are buying a car, any dealer would tell you to go for the new car.

New cars come with choices. You would get adequate models and colors when you are buying a new car. The choices would make the selection difficult but still you would be delighted to find so many options. According to Jeffrey Lupient it is better to opt for a new car when you are looking for something special.

New cars are cost effective. Even if you don’t agree today, you would see that new cars come with better mileage and better fuel efficiency which you would not get in an old model. Warranty is another benefit which you would find when you are buying a new car. This you would not get in the case of old car.

Resale value is another advantage which you would get with new cars. You would be able to sell off the car when you think about a new one. This benefit you would not get when you are dealing with old cars. You would not be able to sale old car and in the long run this might become a problem for you.

Used Cars

Cost effectiveness is the best thing about used cars. New cars are expensive and therefore these might not be suitable for many. If you are learning to drive, used cars would be the better option. New car can get damaged when you are getting used to driving. Always try driving on used cars before you buy a new one.