Car Rental: 6 Most Frequently Asked Question-Their Answers

Rent a car is to give you the opportunity to be free and spontaneous in your travels, especially on vacations. But before going on an adventure, there are still some questions that arise. That’s good, our customer service, which is at your disposal for free, offers you here the top 6 of those who are most asked … And responds!

1- Do I absolutely need a credit card?

YES. A credit card with the name and surname of the main driver is essential when taking charge of the vehicle and the deposit of the deposit.
2- Do we always have to pay a deposit?
YES. The deposit is kept by the renter in case of damage to the vehicle, to cover the franchise. If you have subscribed – what Airport Limo Transportation Toronto strongly recommend – a zero-excess insurance, complete a declaration of damage at the on-site lesser. It will be your provider who will refund (not the renter live).
3- From what age can I rent a car?
It depends on the countries and the service providers, but it is either from 19 years old, from 21 years old or from 23 years old (it is necessary always at least 1 year of valid driving license. This is always specified in the rental conditions of each vehicle. Know that in the overwhelming majority of cases, you will have to pay a “young driver” fee under 23 or 25 years. Their amount varies by car hire, but they are generally quite high.

4- Can I change a car rental reservation?

YES. It is possible to modify a reservation up to 24 hours before your departure, whether it is its duration, the pickup time or the category of the vehicle. The only condition is that your new wishes are compatible with the availabilities of the owner on the spot.
If you want to modify your reservation, it is best to contact us by phone as soon as possible and we will see all this with you.
In addition, it is not possible to reduce after the fact the duration of its lease. In this case, it is better to cancel everything and start over. From the moment when the planned schedule is exceeded, it will no longer be possible to modify your booking.

5- Is the cancellation of a reservation paying?

  1. Cancellation of a reservation is free of charge until 24 hours before the vehicle pick-up time. To cancel, just call during opening hours (it’s free too). Less than 24 hours of the assumption, it is the cancellation conditions of the renter that will apply.

6- What insurance do I need?
We must distinguish two types of insurance:

  • Liability insurance, which covers all bodily injury to others. It is always included in our rental offers.

Good to know: for a car rental in the US , the civil liability is certainly included in the rental, but the amount of coverage is sometimes ridiculous. We advise you to always favor an offer with a liability amount equal to or greater than one million dollars. If you notice at the lessor that your offer does not include a sufficient amount of civil liability, you can then subscribe to a complementary insurance, the super LIS.

  • The all-risk insurance, who will she cover the vehicle. However, it requires the deposit of security at the lessor, for an amount of deductible, in case of damage. On our side, we always advise you to subscribe the zero franchise.