The Best Tips to Rent a Car

Are you planning to tour around Spain? If you do, you will definitely need some sort of transportation to be able to see all the wonderful sights this country has to offer. However, shipping a car to another location takes several steps, so it might cause you a lot of time and effort. Thus, it’s wise for tourists to just rent a car instead.
Spain is certainly an exotic place that is full of amazing sceneries. Especially when you’re planning to visit the southern part of Spain, you can start your journey at the port city of Malaga for a festive getaway. From here, you can start renting a vehicle from the malaga car hire at an affordable rate. However, follow these simple tips beforehand so that you’ll get the most out of renting a car:
Tip #1: Reserve in Advance
There’s a good chance that you aren’t the only one who is renting a car from your chosen rental company. Thus, always book in advance to make sure that you’ll not run out of vehicles to use for your trip. Once you’re able to find a rental company that you prefer, call them right away and ask if they allow advanced reservations.
Tip #2: Make a lot of Reservations     
Book several vehicles from different companies since anything could change during your trip. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Thus, pick at least three rental companies as a backup; you can just cancel the reservations if you’ve already set a tentative plan.
Tip #3: Check for Deductibles
Sometimes, not all rental companies are transparent with their deductible fees. Thus, don’t hesitate to ask about any hidden costs. If they aren’t clear with their explanation, it’s best that you just find another provider. One easy way to find the ideal rental company in Spain is to read forums and ask for referrals from people who have experiences. This method is definitely effective especially when it’s from trusted sites or people.
Tip #4: Take a Picture of the Car
If you happen to have an accident, you will have to pay for the damages taken. Thus, it’s important that you take pictures and record any existing scratches and damages beforehand; doing so will prevent you from paying more than you should.
Tip #5: Keep Track of your Credit Flow
Not all rental companies are vocal about their extra fees. Thus, check your credit card for at least a month. If you see that there are suspicious charges on your account, you can call the rental company and ask for a legitimate document or proof. If they aren’t able to provide you a copy, you can file a complaint against the company immediately.
Travelling to a different country should only be full of good memories. Don’t let problems with transportation ruin your vacation and leave you exhausted. Thus, follow these simple tips to help you find the best rental companies in Spain. You will definitely enjoy your vacation without stressing too much on your car rental.