Tips for car interiors


If you are a car enthusiast you may care for your car’s interior. You will probably avoid a quick car wash from a big brush to avoid any damage being done to your car. Many people wash their car from outside and wax it but from inside the car still remains dirty giving a bad impression to the one sitting next to you in your car but, maintaining car’s performance is more important than having nice interior and the performance can be maintained by getting new parts from and replacing the faulty ones. So here we will tell you a few car tips on how you can maintain and clean your car interior.

Leather interior

Many cars have have leather interior and keeping them clean can be hard job to do. Special cleaners are used for cleaning leather interiors. Apply them over the interior and rub them gently by a cloth. You may use the same technique for cleaning the leather steering. If your seats are way to dirty or have dirt marks then you may consider washing your car. First thing to do is to vacuum your car to remove the the dirt. Then apply stain lifter on the interior. Now scrub the dirtiest spots by a brush twice. Now use a clean cloth to wipe up the lifted residue. Vacuum again after interior has dried up. You may even use glass cleaner in your leather interior. This will not only make it look more clean but will also give a little shine to your leather interior.

Cloth seats

For cleaning cloth seats the very first thing you need to do is to vacuum your car from inside. This will get rid of loose debris and dirt. Now spray foaming cleaner on the seats. Apply it all over the seats. Now take a wet sponge and rub it all over the seats and clean them. You may spend more more time on cleaning the stubborn spots. Now allow the seats to dry. You may use a vacuum cleaner to make it faster to dry. Vacuum cleaner will also help to restore fluff after dry.You can also use a carpet cleaner to get rid of the non greasy stains from your car.

Car seats can get a lot of dirty. Ice cream stains or crayon marks can make your car seats look dirty so to get rid of these type of stains you may use alcohol, foaming cleaner or a hand cleaner. Rubbing it by ice can also make the stains disappear.

For windows you can use glass cleaners to make them look shiny and clean.