Tips On What To Do After a Car Accident


For most people there will come a time where they are involved in some sort of car accident. This could be the fault of their own or the fault of another careless driver. The actions that you take after a car accident can leave you liable legally and even lead you to spend quite a bit of money. Insurance companies are not the easiest to deal with either as many will cancel your coverage if you pay a few days late while they can take weeks to get you the money for a claim. The following are things that you should do after a car accident.

When you have been a part of a car accident it is important to notify the police. Getting a police report can help you in court as well as minimize the chances for a frivolous lawsuit. Even if you think the accident is your fault it is important to not admit fault to the officer. They are trained to see accidents from a different point of view as they see hundreds per year. There is a chance that the other driver was at fault.

Wait until the next day to call your insurance company as you might be too rattled to call them on the day of the accident. Do not admit fault but rather let them know what the accident report says. Adding other information like you being stressed or distracted is a poor idea. Insurance companies look for any excuse not to cover an accident so only stick to the facts that you know. If the agent asks any questions related to your mindset terminate the conversation immediately.

Getting your damaged car taken to a reliable garage is going to be paramount. Otherwise you might encounter problems with your insurance company. If only minor damage has been done you will be able to take your car to get repaired yourself. To help minimize repair costs not covered by insurance you can get your own parts. Advance Auto Parts has coupons on Groupon so you can do the repairs yourself or eliminate the markup that many garages have on parts.