Why the theory test of the DSA exam is an important part that you should prepare for?

The online theory test is designed to improve the quality of newly licensed drivers in the UK. The test pattern ensures that learner drivers are able to think carefully about the safety aspects of driving. This essentially reduces the risk of accidents on the road. Driving is not just about knowing how to be safe on the road, it’s also about following the right driving attitude. The driving test consists of two parts – theory and practical. In the theory test, the examinee will be analyzed in terms of driver attitude, understanding of traffic signs and effects of alcohol. Apart from that, you must also have adequate knowledge about the safety and environmental aspects of vehicles.

It is important for you to pass the theory test before being able to take the practical exam. There are multiple choice questions and you need to score at least 42 out of 50 to pass the test. In addition to that, your skills in the hazard perception test are also examined carefully. All of this is an online test. Hence, it is important to be prepared well so that you can attain the required pass mark. The test is available in various languages, so make sure you mention that in your test booking form before the submission. Also, if you have any special requests such as disability, then make sure you include that in your form. Prior information to the authority is necessary so that the test center can make the necessary arrangements.

Why theory test is needed?

Even before you take the practical exam, the theory test lays the foundation of your path to secure a valid UK driver’s license. The test determines the readiness of the licensed driver on the roads. Not many people are able to pass the theory test as it involves some tricky questionnaire and the Hazard Perception section.

But, proper preparation is always a good way to know what kind of questions you need to answer in the test. It also lowers the nervousness that is common with most examinees at the UK driver’s licensing test.

   How to book for test online?

Once you’ve covered all sections of the theory test in your preparation, you will be ready enough to book a test date. DSA theory test booking can be done online. The online booking is available both for the first time learners and even for the re-test takers.

The booking can be made instantly. You can also choose a center center based on your proximity. However, a test date will be provided to you subject to availability only. In case, you miss the opportunity to appear for the test the first time, you will be able to secure a date only two-week after.

So, make sure you have all the required documents in place. Gather the documents according to the requirements checklist provided by DSA. Do not leave that for the test date, otherwise you may end up not carrying all essential documents and will therefore not be allowed to take the test. Remember, you will have to forfeit the test booking amount.

Make sure the website you make your booking at is a registered DSA partner. To know more about how to make a booking, please visit book theory test online in uk.